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Tubes and endless sheets:

- Tubolit / Tubolit DG- An effective and reliable system of  heat insulation and improving acoustic comfort for heating and plumbing installations.

- Armaflex XG (AC) - a flexible multipurpose insulation for AC systems and heating-, plumbing installations.

- Armaflex HT - a flexible insulation material, UV resistant, suitable for hetaing, solar and industrial systems at high temperatures up to + 150°C.

- Armafelx HT S - a  flexible, high temperature insulation, provides maximum efficiency for outdoor installations.

- Armaflex NH - a safe choice for minimal emission of smoke and toxic fumes in case of  fire.

- Armaflex AF - high-quality and energy efficient insulation for HVAC, refrigeration systems and process industries. Now with Microban® anti-microbial product protection for additional protection against microbes, mold and mildew.


- Armafix AF - professional pipe supports for avoiding thermal bridges on refrigeration and chilled water pipes.

- adhesives, clips, self-adhesive tape.

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Solflex summer “breathing” foil – reflects 92% of the heat rays.Protects the roof against the summer heat and also features the properties of conventional foils.

Solflex winter vapourtight backing foil – features all the properties of conventional foils and also protects the loft from cooling down during the winter season.

Heat mirorr - reflects the heat rays back retarding  the approach of the heat from the surface of the wall behind the heating unit.

Backing foil for floor heating – reduces heating of the space under the heating pipes and reflects the heat rays back to the living space.

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